8 Things Fans Want Answered in the Gilmore Girls Revival

This didn’t get picked up anywhere, so I’m posting it here for any Gilmore Girls fans who haven’t yet seen the revival!

8 Things Fans Want Answered in the Gilmore Girls Revival

Women of the world rejoiced when speculation led to confirmation of a Gilmore Girls revival. Producer Amy Sherman-Palladino may have attempted to shut down rumors after Scott Patterson (aka Luke) accidentally spilled the beans at the reunion panel in Austin, Texas last year; however, her backtracking never quite seemed solid enough to accept. Or maybe it’s just that I didn’t want to accept it. Now that Netflix has picked up a four-part revival set to begin this fall, I hope some of the scenes will further a few key storylines.

  1. Did Kirk and Lulu ever move in together?


Kirk and Lulu became the younger “Babette and Morey,” with their quirky romance that seemed to just work. They did have some hiccups though. Kirk couldn’t part with his mother, and his night terrors got in the way of “sleepovers.” Did he ever get over his night terrors? Did he decide his million dollars was worth spending on the Twickum house after all? Of course, that might mean he’d have to trade in his borrowed pants for some grownup clothes, and I’m not sure that’s the Kirk we know and love.

  1. Does Lane like sex now?

Just before her pregnancy announcement, Lane told Rory she abhorred sex. Granted, she’d only done it once, and on a beach in Mexico. But I hope beyond hope that regardless of her quick pregnancy (and the inevitable discomfort that followed), she realized the world wasn’t conspiring against her after all. She’d waited too long only to be disappointed, and I want Lane to have everything. Plus, bad sex is so not rock and roll.

  1. Did Rory ever go back to the DAR?


Once Rory decided to put her life back together and re-enter Yale, she disappointed both Lorelai and Richard by telling Emily she wanted to continue with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). We never see her back in this role, though. Does she continue to dip her toe into her grandparents’ world, or does she trade her pearls for a more Jess-like lifestyle?

  1. Did Rory call Christiane Amanpour?

In the very last episode, Lorelai gave Rory a career-enhancing gift that didn’t come either from Richard and Emily’s connections or those Rory made through Logan. Lorelai has famous guests sleep and dine at her inn, including Norman Mailer and Rory’s idol, Christiane Amanpour. Did Rory ever contact Amanpour? Did they form some sort of mentorship? Regardless of any further communication, I bet Amanpour’s business card is framed on Rory’s wall.

  1. Is Paul Anka still alive?


Lorelai was notorious for neglecting her pets, including her hamster Skippy, whose cage she stuffed with Kleenex before returning him to the pet store. So when she adopted Paul Anka, no one was sure the lovable dog would be safe in her hands. Lorelai and Paul Anka seem to have a special bond, though, that goes beyond a human-hamster relationship. How is Paul Anka doing? Does he still have his neuroses? And has Lorelai broken her pet curse once and for all?

  1. Does Lane have a father?

Up until the end of the first season, Lane refers to her two parents even though her father is never seen. His absence on screen was no doubt meant to be reminiscent of characters in other TV shows, like the neighbor Wilson in Home Improvement who only shows the top of his head over the fence. But once the series got into season 2, Amy Sherman-Palladino seemed to drop his existence, and Lane started referring to her mother only. Will Lane’s father—and lack thereof—ever be explained?

  1. Is Paris still attached to Rory at the hip?


When Rory and Paris parted after graduation, they knew they were destined to remain a part of each other’s lives. Now that Paris is probably finished with med school, does she end up living annoyingly close to Rory? Does she move to Stars Hollow, the town she loves to hate? Do she and Doyle have children they teach krav maga? And most importantly, does Paris retain her long locks instead of succumbing to Bonnie Winterbottom’s mousey hairdo in How to Get Away with Murder?

  1. Who do Lorelai and Rory end up with?

Okay, this answer is quite obvious in terms of Lorelai. If she doesn’t end up with Luke, the world as we know it will implode. But what about Rory? Dean was never right for her, and even though Jess could have been, he made a horrible boyfriend. Rory seemed to have a lot more in common with Logan, but he lacked the maturity that Rory needs in a relationship. Which man won her heart in the end? Will she be a Stars Hollow wife with Dean, a hipster freelancer with Jess, or a country club career woman with Logan? Perhaps there’s a fourth man out there who will fit the bill, though he’d better be amazing to win our girl’s heart.

On November 25th, fans get to re-enter this “little corner of the world,” and I can’t wait to see what Stars Hollow is up to—Taylor and all.


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