Shannon Meets WordPress

I’ve decided to abandon Blogspot. My old trusty blog will still exist in the Internet universe, but I’ll write all new posts on lovely WordPress. I hate change. I’m fiercely stuck in my ways. But WordPress has finally won me over.

Much has been happening in Shannon-land. (Okay, I’m no Shonda, but I can still have a land, right?) I had my first viral article, which you can view here.

So far this year I’ve fulfilled my lifelong dream of working entirely from home. I’m an SEO content writer, SAT curriculum writer, tutor, and now have made that elusive rank of writing a random article in the middle of the night and watching it go viral like a kid at Christmas. Except in this scenario, Christmas keeps coming for an entire week until all the presents have finally been opened. Okay, weak metaphor, but I swear, article shares are way better than any Christmas present I could ever imagine. And not because I’m self-centered, but because shares means I’m connecting with others who read my work and say, “Me too!”

So what now? Now I keep telling my truth, despite the haters and because of those who see my truth as theirs. Don’t know what these WordPress pages will hold, but I promise they’ll hold… something.

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