My Father Had Only a High School Education, But Here’s What He Wrote

“Powerful similarities exist between the forces of nature and a skilled craftsman of fine violins. Objectives or completion of final products are the goal of both, though methods may differ. The mechanisms of nature in seeking its goal can at times seem brutal.

“Imagine the harshness of the elements that must come into play to form a pure diamond, Yet, the finished product exemplifies the motto ‘a diamond is a diamond forever’. Conversely, the violin-maker, in pursuit of a perfect product, gently and gingerly hand tunes each part in his quest for a perfectly attuned instrument.

“The coming together of individuals, known in the behavioral sciences as ‘a process of accommodation’ is not unlike the dichotomies listed above. Few possess the faith and perseverance necessary to endure the frictions inherent in the tumultuous processes as in the case of a diamond formation. Relationships usually dissolve before completion where such constant frictions are a pattern. Relationships more closely akin to the smoothness of making the violin are most likely to succeed and to endure, -but at the expense of not having ‘weathered the storms’ which are necessary to truly and deeply know, understand, and to appreciate the depths of one another.”

Robert C. Manuel

April 14, 1989

At the Rose Garden in San Jose, California, approx. 1987.