I Need Your Help

I came to Los Angeles four years ago with the big dream of becoming a published book author. Since then, I have published a book as a writer for hire and published dozens of articles online. I’ve attended writing workshops, volunteered at conferences, and participated in networking events. My writing circle (and creative circle at large) in Los Angeles has been invaluable.

Throughout all these varying experiences, I have been working away at my memoir. In a week, I am meeting with industry professionals to talk about my book. It was an unexpected meeting and one that I am so honored to take. In order to help me finish my book proposal and first draft, I’m asking my friends and family to lend their support during these next couple weeks so I can pay my bills. It’s a big ask, and one I don’t take for granted for a second. There is much going on in the world right now, politically, economically, and even environmentally. I don’t pretend that an artist’s passion isn’t self-serving. However, as with most artists, I create in order to give back, and to give a voice to those who may not even know what they want to say until they read my words. And, ultimately, I’m doing this for my dad–the man of words who always wanted to make a lasting impact in the world.

If you are so inclined, any contributions to my Indiegogo would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for supporting my Los Angeles journey!



I Grew Up in Alateen and Al-Anon

My latest article for The Fix:

Four people describe their experiences as children in the rooms of Alateen and Al-Anon and whether it helped them cope with their family member’s addiction.

My mother has attended Al-Anon religiously for as along as I can remember. She left my dad when I was three after a particularly bad physical fight, in which he slapped her around while intoxicated. We spent that night at my grandmother’s house, and the next day my mom decided we were done for good.

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