10 Things *Men Would Do If They Had Periods

I thought I had a brilliant listicle and then found out Gloria Steinem had already covered the topic back in the 70s. Mine is much less political (okay, it has no politics whatsoever), and it’s filled with Google images so you don’t even have to think. Steinem would be so proud! Without further ado, here’s my very tongue in cheek take, which you can also view on Buzzfeed:

1. They’d brag about their cycles in the locker room.


2.They’d take their super size pads to a cute cashier.


3. They’d say, “Hey wife, Can you grab me a beer? I’m too crampy to get it myself.”


4. Celebrating a teenager’s first menstrual cycle would be on par with a bar mitzvah.


5. “I’m menstruating” would be a classic pick-up line.


6. Men would use the deva cup to compare blood loos…


7. … and the winner would be named homecoming king.


8. Guys would wear tight pants to show off a “different” sort of bulge.


9. Menopause would signal the beginning of a man’s midlife crisis.


10. Women would have the last laugh.


*cis men


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